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Online or Offline

Online or Offline

Save Charted Waters maps for offline access, so you can find great fishing spots even when you're off the grid.

Depth Contours

Depth Contours

Colour coded to vividly portray the rise and fall of the lakes bottom revealing prime fish-holding locations

Deep Water

Deep Water

Deep, Intermediate and Shallow Waters are marked to help you easily identify areas you want to fish or travel through.

  • Charted Waters App - Depth Contours
  • Charted Waters App - Low Water Aerial Imagery
  • Charted Waters App - Personal Waypoints
  • Charted Waters App - Weather

Markers and Structures


We provide locations of navigation aids, ramps, hazards, rivers, creeks, lagoons, islands & more.

Personal Waypoints

Personal Waypoints

Flag fishing spots with temporary waypoints, keep a log of all your catches and mark your favourite fishing grounds.



Pinpoint or track your location, distance, speed & heading on the waterway. Traveling to your selected fishing grounds has never been easier.

Charted Waters App Low Water Imagery

Low water imagery takes your fishing map to the next level, revealing areas you would never find when searching from the water. Easily identify drop offs, structures, unmarked channels, old creek beds and underwater vegetation - areas most likely to hold the most fish.

Available only on selected maps.

Charted Waters App Bathymetric Imagery
Bathymetric Bottom Mapping

A representation of the lake’s bottom, colour coded to clearly define water depth and help you find more productive fishing grounds. Crisp, clear and highly visible on your device! Understanding the underwater landscape will better your chances of finding that next great fishing spot.

Available only on selected maps.

Real-time Weather

Access to hour-by-hour weather, wind speeds, temperature, rain and humidity for each waterway.


Sync your data to your online account. View your waypoints on your phone, tablet or desktop!


Brag or share your catch with other Charted Waters members or on Facebook and Twitter.

App Feature - Add your own waypoints
Add your own Waypoints

Add temporary waypoints to a map so you can quickly navigate between locations or save your waypoints and create a personal record of your favourite fishing spots and catches, building a ‘treasure chest’ of future hotspots.

Charted Waters Web App
Plan your next Fishing Trip

The Charted Waters Web App gives you a head start on finding the best fishing grounds… well before you step foot out of your house. Search areas you plan to fish, calculate distances, locate fish-holding hotspots and save waypoints at these locations to view whilst on the water. Spend more time fishing on your next trip.


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