Charted Waters Map Card for your Sounder

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Detailed maps for your sounder to help you locate productive fishing grounds at any depth


Lawrence SounderSimrad SounderB&G Sounder

Charted Waters Australian Fishing Maps for Simrad, Lowrance and B&G sounders take underwater terrain to the next level

Depth Contours Sounder

Depth Contours

Detailed depth contour lines vividly portray the size and shape of underwater features such as drop offs, humps, saddles and flats - potential gold mines.

Deep Water Sounder

Deep Water

Highlighted deep, intermediate and shallow water areas give a quick indication of the waterways depth, helping you easily identify areas to fish or travel through.

Markers Structures Sounder


Charted Waters provides locations of navigation aids, ramps and access points, hazards, rivers and creeks, lagoons, islands and more.

Charted Waters Map Card Bathymetric Imagery
Bathymetric Bottom Mapping

A representation of the lake’s bottom, colour coded to clearly define water depth and help you find more productive fishing grounds. Understanding the underwater landscape will better your chances of finding that next great fishing spot.

Available only on selected maps.

Charted Waters Map Card Low Water Imagery

Low water imagery takes your fishing map to the next level, revealing areas you would never find when searching from the water. Easily identify drop offs, structures, unmarked channels, old creek beds and underwater vegetation - areas most likely to hold the most fish.

Available only on selected maps.

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Insert your Charted Waters Map Card into your sounder

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Accept/follow any screen prompts

Step 3

Go fishing!


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  • If anyone who fishes Mulwala does not have a Charted Waters mapping card their simply missing out!! Cheers and thanks

    Testimonial - Charted Waters User
    Mulwala Spinner Baits
    Charted Waters User
  • We have been trialing this and it's a cracker, the crew at Charted Waters have done an awesome job and it is well worth every penny, you will not be disappointed . It shows all the laydowns you would normally motor over get onto it people.

    Testimonial - Charted Waters User
    OutCast Freshwater Fishing
    Charted Waters User
  • The ability to look at both marked and unmarked channels, depth contours, waypoints, previous catches and a few thousand lay downs at the touch of a button gives me all the extra time to concentrate on the important thing CATCHING fish! I highly recommend any keen angler who fishes Lake Mulwala to give it a go. You won't be disappointed.

    Michael Massier - Charted Waters User
    Michael Massier
    Mulwala Classic Champion Angler
  • We turned off the contours and used the orange geo-location dot to hug the drop-offs around the channels. Being able to constantly stay in the strike zone was a great advantage. This led to my fishing partner Michael Stead landing three legal size cod and finishing fourth overall in the champion angler standings.

    Testimonial - Charted Waters User
    Col Hyland
    App User
  • Used the app myself all weekend to fish the edge of a few snaky creeks. Found it great and would not be without it.

    Testimonial - Charted Waters User
    Tony Bennet
    Lake Mulwala Fish Camp & Ski

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