I came across Charted Waters Fishing Maps while doing research for our recent Copeton Dam trip and would suggest that anyone planning a trip there should get the Map. Charted Waters surveyed Copeton back around 2010 when the dam was approx. 17% - but the contour detail will be relevant at any level as where ever they have captured the contours it generally meant there was some structure in the area that was worth looking around - even if it is either up the bank or under the surface at the time of your visit.

I also worked on running where ever there was dark blue shown on the chart as It was clearly showing deeper water without any dangerous obstacles to negotiate when traveling in the dark. The satellite over lay was also particular useful for understanding where you where in relation to bays with creeks and inflows etc. when actually fishing.

Charted Waters have a range of great charts for various water bodies and I will happily buy the Charted Waters maps when ever visiting new waters – particularly where there is not a lot of detail from your conventional chart providers.