Ross Borella fished Blowering over the weekend & this is what he has to say about the chart...

"Firstly thanks for the quick service and delivery of my order, for the Blowering and Mulwala SD Cards.
I raced home after work and loaded the SD card into my HDS unit, and it came up like a treat. This increased the excitement of the trip up to lake disappointment (BLOWERING). Where I was very keen to try the very detailed satellite imagery your maps from Chartered Waters provides.

Wow I was so impressed with it as soon as I turned it on, the maps loaded quite quickly. I then zoomed it in on our favourite troll run, and immediately identified the best structure. My old waypoints lay over the features on the satellite map perfectly. My first thought was how good is this. The great thing was it now showed other structure that I had missed in the past. We now were able to troll over every likely looking feature along our troll run, allowing us to pinpoint potential new fish holds, now showing on the sounder.

The secrets of this lake is finding, and to be able to fish all the fish holding structure. In the past we have spent so much time searching for anything that may hold fish. A lake like Blowering, which was cleared of all its standing timber prior to filling, makes finding features quite difficult. In the past we have wasted more than 75% of our fishing time travelling over very featureless water. Not anymore!!!!

To anyone who has fished this lake will know all too well, there are very few good laydown logs in this somewhat featureless lake. Your map made finding every bit of structure an absolute ease. Helping us find logs that I had never identified in the past. Very impressive and a great asset. The only thing I had to do after installing the maps, was to change my previous troll tracks to a lighter colour, to be able to see them over the mapping. Yellow, white and light green worked very well.

Unfortunately this trip didn’t produce any monster cod, but with the mapping installed, it allowed us to locate and fish structure that had previously been missed. It allowed us to concentrate our time working the most productive looking water. Less wasted time working featureless unproductive areas. Wasting time fishing featureless water is now a thing of the past.

Your mapping gave me such a good insight into what’s below the water and exactly where it is. No fisherman should be without it.

Can’t wait to get down to Mulwala to use the other map, in a lake totally opposite to Blowering. Mulwala has so much structure, it makes selecting a spot to fish very confusing. Now with the new map I can search out with great detail a lot of the better locations hidden in the mass of timber.

Keep up the good work, now I’ve seen how good it works, I won’t be fishing any lake without installing your mapping first."