After extensive testing of the iPhone/iPad App at Copeton Dam we are really excited to let you know the Offline Maps Geo-Location Function works a treat.

To use the app in an area with no network coverage you need to log into the App while you still have coverage, once the selected map is displayed go to 'Offline Maps', select the ‘Tool box' and activate the 'Geo-Location' function (blue dot turns orange on activation). Your position will now stay centre of screen once you lose network coverage.

The first screen shot is at Sepoy Knob & the second is Barefoot Bay, both areas had no network coverage and our location was maintained centre of screen at all times.

And after long discussions with John H of Cod National fame we tested the iPad with no internet connection, no 3G. By logging in using either WiFi or Hot Spot and then disconnecting the iPad we maintained position at all times. On both, phone & tablet sleep mode was activated on numerous occasions and position was active every time we turned it back on. Don't log out though as the internet is required to establish the initial connection. In areas of poor service and while attempting to display the map, BE PATIENT, pushing function buttons repeatedly while waiting for the map to load will crash the app.

Unfortunately the trip to Copeton coincided with the release of the Android App and I didn't have the opportunity to test it, it would be appreciated if someone could test this feature and provide feedback.